Lao Holding State Enterprise is a 100% State Owned Enterprise established as business company in conformity with the Business Law and the Prime Misnister’s Decree.The Lao Holding State Enterprise invested solely by the Government of Lao PDR, represented by the Ministry of Finance. The name of Lao Holding State Enterprise in Lao language is “ລັດວິສາຫະກິດຖືຮຸ້ນລາວ”. The abbreviation in Lao is“ລຮລ” and in international language is “LHSE” LHSE operates with its own seal.
    The primary function of LHSE is to hold, manage and maintain on behalf of the Government of the Lao PDR shares in Nam Theun 2 Power Company Limited (NTPC) and any other PowerProject Companies which are acquired by LHSE or transferred to it by the Government, in an efficient and businesslike manner.

    Since 2014, LHSE has been assigned by the GoL to run its own business called “Fly Ash Business” which the GoL exercises its rights under the Conession Agreement of Hongsa Minemouth Power Project.